We Are the Children’s Medical Nutrition Alliance

The Children’s Medical Nutrition Alliance (CMNuA), a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, was developed out of the explicit need for a unified voice to empower, educate, assist, advocate for and support ALL patients who require medical nutrition. CMNuA exists to provide an effective national coalition of parents, healthcare providers, advocacy groups and corporations dedicated to a common overarching mission.  That mission, simply stated, is to improve the lives of patients and families dealing with digestive disorders, diseases and other medical conditions that requires medical foods and formulas to survive and thrive. CMNuA creates that positive change through direct support, information, education, advocacy, and community.

Hundreds of thousands of children and adults in the United States face severe health consequences because of various medical conditions and diseases that make it impossible to consume a natural, life-sustaining diet. To live and thrive, they depend on specialized—and costly—medical foods and formulas.

At Children’s Medical Nutrition Alliance, we envision the US as a country in which every individual in need of medical nutrition has timely, effective, reliable and affordable access to the medical foods, medical professionals and facilities, communities and financial support that they and their families need to live and thrive, regardless of insurance coverage, geographic location, age, economic or social standing.

Working together, we can be a powerful force for positive change, directly improving the lives of countless patients and families and  advancing the accessibility and availability of medical nutrition. We create that change in four specific ways.

CMNuA provides direct support to families and children with medical nutrition needs.

CMNuA raises awareness of the various medical conditions that require these foods.

CMNuA educates the public about the pressing need for better access to medical foods, and

CMNuA identifies and eliminates barriers to medical foods and formulas, such as coverage inequalities  and their resulting economic impact,  that hamper their appropriate use as a standard of care.

Together we WILL transform the lives of individuals who depend on medical nutrition to develop normally and free of pain.


IMPROVING LIVES AND Medical Foods Access.