Kedzie-Missouri-EOE Hi, my name is Kedzie, and I am 11 years old. I am allergic to several foods, including peanuts and tree nuts. When I was 5 years old, I was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, or EoE.

Maxalt oral I first gave up the top eight most allergic foods to see if I would get better, but that didn’t work. I gave up even more food and added in steroids, but that didn’t make me feel better either. My stomach was always hurting, and I was sometimes too sick to go to school.

buy modafinil online amazon When I was in second grade, I gave up all food and started drinking an elemental formula. The formula doesn’t taste good, but it did make me feel better. When the doctors took biopsies from my esophagus, they found that the formula is a treatment that works best for me.

As time went on, I tried adding food back into my diet, but most food made me sick. When I received Holy Communion, I ate the little host but then spent the night throwing up 13 times. People don’t understand that just a little bit of food can cause so much harm.

Right now, I can eat rice, pork, pears and cocoa, but I also need the formula to get proper nutrition. If I could eat any food, I would eat pizza, macaroni and cheese, lemonade, any flavor of ice cream and corn.

When I see people eating food that I can’t, I feel embarrassed, mad and sad. EoE is hard because you are different from others. People ask why I am drinking formula instead of eating, and I don’t like that.  I think it’s really hard for all the EoE people in the world.

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