Emma | September 2016

get link Emma has a severe cow milk allergy and acute eczema. She is on Neocate Infant and when her dad contacted us he was desperate. Emma’s mommy is a stay-at-home mom trying to take care of Emma and manage her medical issues. Dad has a solid job. He pays every single month for expensive health insurance. However, despite the severity of Emma’s reactions and repeated appeals to his insurance with lengthy doctor explanations of need and intervention, Emma’s parents’ insurance refuses to cover the formula that she needs to be healthy and pain free. Her parents are struggling to pay the mortgage and keep her fed. CMNuA was so happy to be able to immediately ship 10 cases of formula to Emma’s parents and help ease the immediate burden on the family.

Seroquel mexico If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser in support of CMNuA’s mission, please contact lendress@cmnua.org.