Eibhlean | July 2017

Eibhlean has a slew of medical issues including, milk-protein intolerance, transaminasemia and alpha l antitrypsin deficiency (an inborn error of metabolism) all of which resulted in severe feeding problems and ultimately failure to thrive. Her family was struggling with the high costs of having a “one in a million” baby with complicated medical issues. Insurance has denied coverage for the formula Eibe needs to survive, and although her doctor went to bat for her against her insurance company, he was simply told “we can’t help everyone,” and the denial stood.

Eibe drinks Neocate Syneo during the day from a bottle, and is tube fed at night. CMNuA was able to 10 cases of formula as well as provide support and points of contact. Nutricia was also able to work with Eibe’s family to reduce shipping charges on her formula.

If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser in support of CMNuA’s mission, please contact lendress@cmnua.org.