Make Savannah Smile fundraiser | August 2015

Location: Leesburg, VA
Name: Savannah Campbell
Money raised: over $9,000

Savannah is a beautiful little girl with FPIES… Just like her older brother Colin. After the sudden death of her mother, Savannah’s family struggled to pay for the expensive medical formula she needs to survive and thrive. Savannah was 17 months old and had NO safe foods other than medical nutrition when she lost her mommy.

She needed medical formula exclusively just to survive. The team at CMNuA was so inspired by her family’s story that they partnered with another local nonprofit and businesses and held the “Make Savannah Smile” fundraiser. This family-friendly event, held at a local wine bistro, included raffle prizes and a silent auction.

As a result of the community’s generosity, in addition to the ten cases of formula that CMNuA could send Savannah from The Fund, we raised enough money to work with her medical nutrition company and secure an entire year’s worth of formula for Savannah!

Thankfully, Savannah’s brother Colin, age seven,  grew out of his FPIES and has been completely off of medical nutrition since early 2016.

Update: At two-and-a-half Savannah still only has FOUR safe foods, but her daddy keeps trialing and hoping that as she grows she will be able to eat more and more. With only four safe foods she still relies on prescription medical formula for almost 100% of her nutritional needs. But because of medical formula she is a happy, chatty, healthy little girl.

If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser in support of CMNuA’s mission, please contact

Savannah collage

Pics courtesy of Living Loudoun Photography, LLC