Finding Sources of Support

We understand the financial burden borne by families of children with cow’s milk allergy, epilepsy, EGIDs, FPIES or other conditions and diseases that make it impossible to eat a natural, life-sustaining diet. That’s why helping you find coverage support for the medical nutrition or specialized formula your child depends on to live and thrive is so important to us. Below are links to useful coverage information and other resources that may help you reduce the steep cost of medical nutrition. If you need additional financial help, please check out our Fund for Food and Families.

CMNuA’s sister organization, Children’s MAGIC U.S., has been on the front lines of legislation in 14 of the states with elemental formula coverage, most recently Kentucky and Colorado in 2016. If you’d like to join the fight by telling your story in one of the remaining states without coverage, please email Lisa Endress.